Hangzhou,Baiheli Plastic Co., Ltd. is a collection development, production, sales as one of professional vacuum forming thick film and sheet extrusion supporting enterprises. The introduction of international advanced professional production of precision plastic machine vacuum forming thick slices. We mainly provide all kinds of mechanical equipment enclosure vacuum forming, and various engineering plastics (ABS, HIPS, PP, PC, etc.) hot and cold bending bending molding, plastic mold our full CNC aluminum die by processing, plus hundreds of new processing methods and benefits and continue to innovate new ways to try the idea, so that our product quality, technology and more are constantly improving. The company set to introduce German-sided vacuum forming and pressure forming equipment capable of processing a variety of plastic materials (ABS, HIPS, PP, PC, etc.) and a variety of arbitrarily complex shapes plastic shell. Our products are widely used in a variety of sophisticated medical equipment, electronic equipment, household appliances, automobiles shell, truck roof, semiconductor shell, advertising exhibitions and other industries.

CNC carved with high-precision CNC machines and related equipment and CNC machinery industry experienced hand technician. According to customer demand production of household appliances, office equipment, medical, beauty, fitness equipment, toys, digital, advertising light boxes, and other communication products, hand model.