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2019-05-06 17:22

Generally speaking, most customers who have been engaged in plastic industry for many years have the ability to make their own judgment and choose the appropriate machine to produce. But for most customers, they may need the help of the manufacturer to decide which specifications of the thick sheet moulding machine to use. Even the customer may only have the sample or idea of the product, and then ask the manufacturer whether the machine can be manufactured or which model is more suitable.

Usually, the important factors that determine the selection include mould, product, type of plastics and production requirements. Therefore, the following information must be collected or possessed before the selection is made:

Product shape size (length, width, height);

Thickness of product wall;

The type and quantity of products used;

After obtaining the above information, the following steps can be taken to select a suitable thick-film plastic absorber:

1. The maximum shape size of the product determines the size of the wellhead of the machine. Small-sized thick film machines are selected below 1.5 square meters of forming area, medium-sized thick film machines are selected from 1.5 to 3.7 square meters, and large-sized thick film machines are selected above 3.7 square meters, as described in the classification of the upper models.

2. If the wall thickness of the product is between 1.5-2MM and the drawing ratio of the product (the ratio of height/length+width) is larger than 1, the double-layer heating model should be chosen. If the thickness is less than 1, the single-layer heating model should be chosen.

If the wall thickness of the product is less than 1.5MM, no matter how large the drawing ratio is (of course, the product with a drawing ratio of more than 1.5 is not suitable for plastic absorption), the single-layer heater model can be used.

If the wall thickness of the product is over 2MM, the drawing ratio is below 0.5, the single-layer heater should be selected, and the double-layer heater should be selected when the drawing ratio is over 0.5.

3. According to the type and quantity of the product, if the product is relatively single and the quantity is large, and the annual output is more than 60,000-80,000, the double-station or multi-station machine is selected, such as the synchronous suction machine for heating moulding, while the suction mould is suitable for aluminium alloy moulds; if the product specifications are large and the number of single moulds is small, the single-station is suitable, and the heating unit is selected to control one. The pressing frame and supporting plate can be adjusted. It is better to change the mould conveniently. Resin or wood are mostly suitable for the suction moulds.