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What is Special Plastic Absorption

2019-05-06 17:24

Special plastic-absorbing is a kind of plastic

absorbing product which is formed by special offset printing or screen printing and vacuum thermoplastics. There are several popular names on the market, such as color printing, positioning, offset printing, UV printing, screen printing, screen printing and so on. They all refer to the same kind of products. The main principle of this product is to heat and soften hard plastic sheets such as PVC, PET, PC, PE, PS, ABS and so on after printing, and then to use vacuum to adsorb on the surface of the mould and form after cooling. Because of the colorful effect and strong stereoscopic feeling of this kind of plastic products, they are widely used. Used in consumer goods, media entertainment, hardware tools, educational supplies, lighting, crafts, IT electronics, stationery, sports goods, electric toys, retail display, automobiles, cosmetics and dozens of other industries.

Special characteristics of plastic absorption:

1. Material thickness for special plastic absorption is in the range of 1.5-6.0 mm. After color printing, the depth of plastic absorption can reach more than 40 cm, which achieves the deepest degree of similar products in the industry. At the same time, the outer dimension of counterpart plastic absorption products produced by color printing can reach 2.5*3.5M, which is the largest size that color printing plastic absorption products can do.

2. Special plastic absorption is actually the ordinary four-color printing of sheets. There are many reasons affecting the effect of plastic absorption, such as paper cards, ink, bubble shells, plastic absorption oil, heat sealing conditions and so on. The special feature of plastic absorption is that the production of this kind of products requires high materials, which use sheets; at the same time, the quality of ink is required to be high, the ink used must be able to withstand the high temperature of plastic absorption, and the requirements of safety, reliability, good adaptability, from the perspective of environmental protection, quality and other aspects must have obvious advantages, the products printed with it will not be chapped. Phenomenon.